Welcome to Werelibrary, the worst library in town, with downtime stretching a couple of years. Mysteriously transforms into a man every fullmoon.

The Library’s aim is to organize and make accessible a large collection of writing discussing therianthropy and related topics from both past and present. Think of this as the index. We tell you about the books and where to find them, but don’t actually contain or host them on-site, and we list many forms of writing ranging from poetry, to essay, to short story, to long story and beyond.

What is therianthropy?

Therianthropy is a tricky word to sum up in a couple of sentences and there are dozens of different articles and essays on the topic. We will try to be broad about the many variations of experience in the writing we include, however we tend to stick to the common understanding that therianthropy describes the experience or mode-of-being of a person who is or feels they are in some form a non-human animal/ animals (non-physically), and that this is an integral part of who they are that has permanence.

Since Werelibrary is a therianthropy specific resource, information on otherkin may be more sparse although you’ll find other websites listed on the resource pages.