Memoir & Narrative

Personal writing, memoir, reflection, and narratives about the lives of therians, their theriotypes, history, etc.

FledgingAcies Musings about the sky and flight.2012
Keeping up the Facade AciesA day in the life of a birdperson.2012
The FallAciesA bird's experience of skydiving.2012
CrowAdagioOn being a crow.2006
WintercrowAdagioMusings about winter from the perspective of a crow-person.2006

I am Not One-winged
AkhilaFinding and thinking of one’s identity as a raven.2012
The Wings, the Sky and the BirdAkhilaPonderings over what it means to be a bird and an animal-person.2012
Raw RavenAkhilaThoughts and memories on being common raven.2012
I'll Only Fly AwayAriAbout sometimes being a bird shapeshifter, from a jotun perspective.2012
Tengu-nessCrowgoblinSome words from a tengu.2004
On Being a Heavy BirdGreyGhost Thoughts on body, movement and flight from a goshawk.2012
Eating with a RaptorGreyGhostSenses and taste as a goshawk-person.2012
Life and ReligionKefiraPersonal reflection on spirituality, life, and religion.2005lioness, lion
Humans as Lesser BeingsKellerA heated look at some folks' opinion of humans being inferior.2005
LionessKefiraOn being a lioness.2005lion,
Dream ShiftingKellerThoughts on the relevance of dream shifting, trends in therian communities, and the expansion of therianthropy's scope.2004shifting, community
Hair and TherianthropyKellerThoughts on hairstyling in relation to therianthropy with commentary on gender roles and sexuality.2004
Musing on RetirementKellerOn experiences of culture shifts within the therian community.2005
Territoriality in TheriansKellerOn an experience of territorial instincts in non-primate humans.2004leopard
ZoophiliaKellerPersonal thoughts on zoophilia and the documentary 'Animal Passions'.2004
Power BirdKhamaseenOn Great Horned Owl.-
Body BeingKhamaseenAn experience of phantom limbs.-
Who Holds the Sun in WinterKhamaseenA more experiential writing about the weather, outdoors, and an encounter with a hawk.-
Phoenix: From My EyesKya_raynAn experience of being a phoenix.-
A Raptor’s Primary SensesMeiryaTouch is vital to a near-sighted hawk.-
Feathers and PinionsMeiryaThe path to internal balance of bird-needs and human-needs began with acceptance.-
Cinnamon and MyrrhMeiryaIdentifying with phoenix, and phoenix-nature.-
Expressing HawkMeiryaExpressing hawk in physical presentation.-
Expressing PheonixMeiryaOn expressing being phoenix. -
FeathersMeirya What is being a bird.2005

North Wind, Winter Sun, Rough-Legged Hawk
MeiryaSeeking the myth behind Buteo lagopus.-

The Alien Avian
MeiryaBird into human is a difficult translation.-
On Wings of a Living Past SonneAn exploration of one’s extinct theropod theriotype.2009
The Nature of BuzzardSunburnOn being a common buzzard.2009
A Brief Introduction To the SubjectSwiftpawAn introduction to therianthropy and the community of the time.1999-2003
Animal Folk: Being Alone SucksSwiftpawThoughts on solitude and networking with animal people offline and being jaguar1999-2003jaguar, feline, cat
Cities vs. CountrysideSwiftpawPersonal reflection on living in rural and urban environments. 1999-2003jaguar, feline, cat
Different Places, Different Cultures, Different VelocitiesSwiftpawExperiencing two different cities as a jaguar.1999-2003jaguar, feline, cat
Swift's Interview with an UtahraptorSwiftpawDiscussion of being a utahraptor.2001utahraptor ostromayorsum
Undertree: Being Alone is PerfectSwiftpawRecollecting a moment spent under a tree and the city stars.1999-2003jaguar, feline, cat

An Injured Bird Hides
TsuAn introspective journey of self-discovery.2012mute swan, bird,
A Therian StoryTsuA personal description of being bird from a young age.2012mute swan, bird

TsuAutism and being bird.2012

Dysphoria is Not Always About Wings and Tails
TsuThoughts about different kinds of body dysphoria2012mute swan, species dysphoria, dysmorphia

Exploring Your Kintype with Sumi-e
TsuSculptures and simple paintings, and how they can bring out the spirit of a species.2012mute swan, bird
Finding BirdTsuDiscussing what is bird nature.2012mute swan, bird, flight

Freedom is a Small Word
TsuAbout flying and the use of the word “freedom”.2012mute swan, bird, flight
Heron StoryTsuAbout seeing a heron, and thinking about bird shapes and what feels right.2012

I Just Worked Something Out
TsuA personal experience of phantom wings; experiencing “back wings” instead of “arm wings”.2012phantom limbs, mute swan,

Religion of the Swan
TsuMusing on if swans had religion, what would it be?2012mute swan, bird, myth, spirituality,

Swan in an Owl Cage
TsuStory of swan's experience working with barn owls.2012mute swan, barn owl, bird,

The Purity Myth and the Liminal Mute
TsuAbout the human idea of mute swans as “pure”, and why they are really not very pure at all.2012mute swan, bird

What is it Like to be a Swangirl?
TsuDescription of swan feelings.2012mute swan, bird

What Are Birds? We Just Don’t Know: More Thoughts on “Finding Bird”
TsuExploring and describing “bird nature”.2012
That Which Snatches And That Which FliesZedjeb (House of Chimeras)Detailed account of one’s harpy identity.2012