Updates: Winter 2021

Yesterday I finished indexing Birds of a Feather, a wonderful collection of works written by bird-people, often describing the experience of being avian. I found An Injured Bird Hides by Tsu particularly touching and Who Holds the Sun in Winter by Khamaseen moving but really it is all wonderful. If you’ve time, it’s a lovely archive to read through.

As it’s come up in a few places, Lion Templin’s original essays on contherianthropy and Akhila’s Contherianthropy FAQ have been added early. It’s an often misunderstood term in our communities and there was recent interest in it. Also have added Poppy’s proposal of using the term noemata which is an interesting addition to the lexicon.

For the next month I may be focusing somewhat on indexing writing from archive.org and the early to mid 2000s. As with all older writing (much like that on contherianthropy, actually), it expresses the opinion and culture of the time, some of which has changed.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about therianthropy from a more modern perspective, Therian Nation’s Youtube videos are an excellent and well sourced collection of information. Therian Nation has transcripts of their longer works. Orion Scribner has written several works on the topic as well.

There is also Project Shift, with articles from the mid-2000s to mid-2010s.

Two large forums are still active, The Werelist and Therian Guide. Each contain a lot of introductory material and are welcoming to questions.

And that’s it for today! As usual, if you’ve any questions about this project (or anything to share), I can be reached at aethyriek (at) gmail.com.

Happy winter, everyone!