Welcome Back!

It hasn’t escaped attention that Werelibrary, like Project Shift, went down again in October. This was related to the domain expiring and a few other behind-the-scenes things. Primarily income vs time.

For the foreseeable future (unless something truly strange happens) therianthropy.info is were the library (and Project Shift) will be hosted. I cringe to tell you because it’s only been three years… gotta update those links again. werelibrary.therianthropy.info is where we’re at.

PS has been mostly restored but this project will take far longer since it was incomplete to begin with. I’m currently thinking about organization and viability, since my previous WordPress theme that was designed specifically for this archive (for function rather than aesthetic) was very outdated, and over the past five years I have lost the too much of my grasp on coding and web development to be comfortable to continue using an cobbled together franken-theme. As a result, I’m working with the more stable and intelligent work of other blessed people.

On the whole, the library is always slow to be rebuilt because I read every single piece of writing and watch every video before writing a brief summary and logging it here. If I didn’t, there’d be no summaries… which would be against the point. Over the decades-long history of therianthropy this is a lot of content to sift through!

And to end on that note, if you have any content you would love to see more accessible, hit me up via email (aethyriek(at)gmail) or even @chiropterra on tumblr.

Thanks everyone for your continued interest, and thank you to the people who have encouraged me to keep PS and Werelibrary online.

With love and bats hugs,

Aethyriek, A WereLibarian